Societal impact

For a sustainable future

Our fundamental purpose is to cultivate new knowledge and nurture civilization as a core value of our society. This is why we focus on global challenges and opportunities. We use our work as a means to advance positive and sustainable development for individuals, communities and the world at large. Our multidisciplinary research platforms combine our strong disciplinary knowledge with prevailing global trends. In addition to finding solutions to complex problems, our research findings also give rise to new theoretical frameworks, new scientific thinking or even completely new fields of science.

Measuring and rewarding the individual impact is an established part of how we work. We collect and follow up all duties and activities related societal impact from all researchers and teachers. The metrix used cover task related to management and practice, economics and business and also tasks related to the society and culture. 

Openness is an essential part of science. Osuva is the open publications archive of University of Vaasa. Osuva includes publications, theses and parallel publications of scholarly articles at University of Vaasa. Osuva includes references, abstracts and full text of the publications. The open science principles of the University of Vaasa cover open publishing of research results and data. The principles support the diffusion of research knowledge among researchers and throughout society.

The Ministry of Education and Culture made a survey in fall 2019 about open science and research in Finnish universities and the University of Vaasa improved as planned its position. 

    Taking an active role in the society

    Our researchers actively take part in different level societal discussions and are always available for political decision makers, the public sector, companies and media. We want to advance the management of complex issues together with public, private and third sector operators as well as citizens. We want to be an active member of the innovation ecosystem. This creates excellent opportunities to enhance the impact of the university’s research and education regionally, nationally and internationally.

    We have recruited several new tenure track researchers, and the these new recruitments and increased external funding have allowed us to diversify our research into energy storage, space data and innovations.

    Mari K. Niemi

    Mari K. Niemi, director of research platform InnoLab.

    Events for impact

    Exhibitions, events and workshops are also an effective way of increasing impact. During 2019 several international science conferences were organised at the University of Vaasa, among them for example the 39th VAKKI-symposium, the 15th Vaasa Conference on International Business and theNordic Academy of Management conference. Also seminars and workshops together with companies as part of research projects have an established role in increasing interaction and impact. Reaching out to diverse experts and actors in different fields were for example EnergyWeek and Vaasa Gas Exchange as part of it, Blockchain-technology seminar and IRIS consortium meeting. Reaching out to bigger audiences and citizens were for example Vaasa Game Days (the biggest gaming event in Ostrobothnia) and art exhibition Glitch Art. 

    Vaasa Game Days

    Influencer Roni Back visited Vaasa Game Days.

    Children and yound people

    Increasing and developing the interest of children and young people are done for example through LUMA-keskus Pohjanmaa.

    The University of Vaasa has also started to work with Vaasan Yrityskylä Alakoulu.The Yrityskylä learning environment for sixth-graders is a schoolchildren’s society, a miniature city where students work in a profession and earn money for their work. In addition, the students act as consumers and citizens, as part of Finnish society.

    Furthermore, we organise yearly the Lukiopäivä (high-school day) that brough almost 2000 highschoolers to the campus in fall 2019.


    Our professor Panu Kalmi met one of his young colleagues in Yrityskylä.