Regional cooperation

EnergyVaasa is the leading energy hub in the Nordic countries

The University of Vaasa is situated at the center of an international knowledge cluster in the environment and energy sector, EnergyVaasa. This provides us with excellent opportunities to operate actively in international innovation ecosystems. The ecosystem surrounding the university comprises global RDI-intensive companies, universities, as well as public and third sector organisations, all with the common goals of sustainable development and combatting climate change. VEBIC, the university's research platform focusing on efficient energy production, energy business and development of a sustainable society, as a major role in this.


Cooperation with educational institutions

Regional educational institutions work actively together. The purpose of the cooperative activities is to be beneficial and inspiring for all involved parties, to improve the quality of operations and also broaden the operating models. 

VAMK University of Applied Sciences and the University of Vaasa are strategic partners, and the University is a shareholder in the limited liability company that runs VAMK's operations together with other regional actors.

Cooperation with upper secondary schools strengthen the students' possibilities and capabilities to later study at the University of Vaasa. 

VY and VAMK are strategic partners



The academic library of Vaasa, Tritonia, is a shared library of the University of Vaasa, Åbo Akademi University in Vaasa, VAMK University of Applied Sciences and Novia University of Applied Sciences.

The library serves the students, teachers, and researchers of these academic schools, but is also open to anyone in need of knowledge.

University consortiums in Kokkola and Seinäjoki

The Kokkola University Consortium Chydenius acts as a joint institution in Kokkola, carrying out teaching and research under the auspices of the universities of Vaasa, Jyväskylä and Oulu. It is an affiliated institution of the University of Jyväskylä. The University of Vaasa has a professorship of business administration in Kokkola.

The University Consortium of Seinäjoki is a multidisciplinary scientific network of some hundred experts from six Finnish universities. The consortium is coordinated by the University of Tampere. The University of Vaasa has five professorships in Seinäjoki, conducting research in entrepreneurships, consumer behavious, concept management, logistics and wooden building. 


The student union (VYY)

Members of the student union of the University of Vaasa are all students doing their candidate or master degree at the University of Vaasa. Also doctoral or exchange students can enrol if they want to. The membership entitles national and regional benefits and students discounts. VYY acts as a representative of the students, is a part of university of management and organises tutoring of new student, parties and activities in culture and sports.