SESP – Smart Energy Systems Research Platform is a project in the AIKO-program relating to the theme ”digitalization and innovation environment” in the growth agreement made between government and Vaasa region. The project is executed by the University of Vaasa in cooperation with Svenska handelshögskolan (Hanken) at Vaasa.



eDEMVE–projektin tavoitteena on liittää laboratorioon paikallisen PK–yrityksen ja muiden laboratoriosta vielä puuttuvien valmistajien tuotteita sekä fyysisesti että virtuaalisesti. Tämän lisäksi hankeen avulla pyritään tuomaan DEMVE–laboratorion koulutus, testaus ja tutkimuspalvelut entistä joustavammin yritysten käyttöön.


VINPOWER - Vaasa Innovation Platform for Future Power Systems

The main objective of this project is to develop the expertise based Smart Grid innovation environment at the University of Vaasa. In the parallel project Smart Energy Systems Platform (SESP) the focus is on the development of the physical research environment and this project completes the building of the world class R&D&I environment by strengthening the competence in selected topics within Smart Grids domain. This is accomplished by executing work packages focusing on various...



FESSMI – Future energy storage solutions in marine installations – is a project under Innovative Cities programme, which is funded by European Regional Development Fund.


Project Student Writing Competence

The aim of the project is to identify what texts and types of multimodal texts are produced today by 11-18-year old students in 3 different classroom contexts and to analyze different evaluation criteria for students' written texts. A comparison between students with Swedish as L1 in schools in Finland and Swedish as L2 in immersion classes in Finland is done to identify potential textual and genre related features related to individual lingual competence and the local and didactical...



Protect-DG - New techniques for the management of power system faults and distributed generation –project belongs to the national INKA (innovative cities) program and it is funded by EU trough the European Regional Development Fund.


Cross-Cultural Collaboration on Contemporary Careers (5C)

This research is part of a multi-country study conducted by the ‘Cross-Cultural Collaboration on Contemporary Careers’ (5C) – a collaboration of careers scholars from around 30 countries. The purpose of the project was to understand how people perceive their careers across the globe, the extent to which this differs between countries, what things are driving these differences, and the effects these career perceptions have on key outcomes. More specifically, we were interested in what...


Art, Aesthetics and Economy

The main research objectives of this project were, 1) to produce an in-depth understanding of the art and cultural field in Finland from the perspective of management studies and to explore the potential of “creative economy” in contributing economic value and business opportunities, 2) to explore the origins of the field “organizational aesthetics” and its contribution to organization studies, and 3) to develop auditive leadership culture and the philosophy of listening within...