International Cooperation

Internationalisation is Seen and Heard at the University of Vaasa

The University of Vaasa invests in internationalisation and here it is more than a reference in the strategy. We are well networked and cooperate with more than 200 universities in over 40 countries.  At our University, the internationalisation of education is primarily evident in international mobility of students, international Master's programmes and in their outcomes. The number and outcome concerning international doctoral students along with the mobility of the personnel are also our key indicators of internationalisation.

The services we offer to the international students are on a good level, as also proved in different evaluations and accreditations (EPAS, International Student Barometer). Our special focus at the moment is in recruitment and international mobility of personnel. Concerning international degree students we have invested in the students' Finnish and Swedish language skills as well as offering them career services and internships in the Ostrobothnia region. We can promise that at the University of Vaasa, all students are offered opportunities to strengthen their intercultural competence.

Also the University's research is international and our research groups cooperate tightly with their international counterparts.  Most of our research is published in international publication forums.


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