Cooperation with Companies and Organisations


As a prestigious science university providing research and education opportunities, the University of Vaasa offers an innovative learning environment and acts as a knowledgeable partner for various situations. When cooperation agreements and other contacts are taken into account, the university's network of partners is truly global.

Reliable partner for your research needs

The focus areas of the University of Vaasa are energy, management, multilingualism and finance. The university’s research is often done in cooperation with companies, communities and other universities as well as research institutions. The forms of cooperation can be for example commonly funded research projects or research which has been commissioned. Research cooperation in the university is done in the faculties and within the disciplines as well as in other units.

If you are interested in doing research cooperation with the University of Vaasa, you can either contact the unit or expert in question directly or the university’s Research Services, which forwards your request to the right actor within the university.

Vaasa Energy Institute (VEI) is involved in projects within the energy field with a strong local and international basis. VEI offers research and consultancy services to actors within the field. Commercial and technical know-how are combined in a unique way in the Energy Institute.

Vaasa Management Institute’s function is to promote research on management and education over the faculty and organization boundaries in interaction with Finnish and international co-operational partners.

The Institute for Multilingualism is a joint venture between the University of Vaasa and Åbo Akademi University.

The main task of the Centre for Language Immersion and Multilingualism is to do research in bi- and multilingualism, paying special attention on early total immersion in Swedish. Thanks to the University's long research traditions in language immersion and multilingualism the Centre has strong contact to international research co-operation. Researchers at the Centre share information on language immersion and multilingualism and participate in education and in-service training for immersion students and teachers.

Would you like supplementary training?

The Levón Institute for research and training offers both short and longer term university-level supplementary training for those in employment and produces research for the needs of various industries.

The range of supplementary training focuses on management and supervisor training, organisation-specific training and development processes, the development of entrepreneurship and SMEs, special programmes for various expert groups and multilingualism and language immersion.

The institute has offices in Vaasa, Seinäjoki and Helsinki and is active in three of the Ostrobothnian provinces.

Open University studies

The Open University offers university-level teaching for anyone interested in studying regardless of educational background, age or status. The objectives, content and requirements of Open University teaching are the same as for students undertaking degree programmes.

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