Fundraising Campaign

The Fundraising campaign is valid 11/2014–6/2017.

Contributing to the fundraising campaign means you are part of the continuing success story of the soon to be 50 year old University. Return on capital from the donations to the University will be used to develop the operation of the University of Vaasa and to promote its aims. The aims could be, e.g. research groups and research projects, development of the education and research fields, or donation professorships.

The fundraising campaign is valid from 11/2014 to 6/2017.  The state has a matched funding program, which means the state will invest up to 3 euros for every euro donated to the University.

Donations in the form of stocks, real estate and other assets, legacies as well as intellectual property are not eligible for state matched funding.

Donate to a certain field of education

Donations of 10 000 euros or more can be allocated to the fields of education of university of Vaasa. The fields are:

  • Business Studies
  • Technology
  • Andminstrative Sciences
  • Languages and Communication

Donate in instalments

Donations can be paid in one or more instalments. The amount and payment dates need to be specified in the deed of donations.

Tax deduction right

Privat persons
Donations of  850 – 500,000 euros are tax deductible in Finland.

Donations of  850–250 000 euros are tax deductible in Finland.

Money collection permit

Vaasan yliopistolla on rahankeräyslupa (POL-2014-15419), joka on voimassa 1.12.2014-31.12.2019.