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3.3 million euro raised in fundraising campaign

The University of Vaasa raised 3 337 242 euro in the government–supported fundraising campaign. University’s goal was to raise 2.5 million euro. The goal exceeded with more than a quarter.

Universities receive matched funding from the government based on the amount they are able to raise in donations. The campaign ended on June 30.

A total of 267 donations were made by companies, organizations, foundations and a large number of private citizens.

Fundraising Campaign the Essentials

  • The fundraising campaign is ongoing 11/2014–6/2017
  • Companies, organisations and privat persons can contribute
  • Private persons have a right to tax deduction when donating  850–500 000 euros to the university
  • Companies and organisations have a right to tax deduciton when donating 850–250 000 euros to the university
  • The state will invest up to 3 euros for each euro donated to the university
  • Donations over 10 000 euros can be allocated to a certain branch
  • University of Vaasa will use the profits for the good of education and research