• The University of Vaasa will make major investments in world-class research activities, quality and influence.
  • Attractive, world-class research environments and phenomenon-based research platforms will entice the best researchers in the focus areas to come to the University of Vaasa.
  • Researcher education at the University of Vaasa is diverse and strongly networked, both nationally and internationally.


  • The education will be of high-quality, efficient and effective.
  • The University will revamp its degree programmes to ensure that wide-ranging bachelor's programmes provide a route for transitioning onto profiled, more internationalised master's programmes.
  • The degree programmes will address society's educational needs, and the emphasis on relevance to working life will improve employability.
  • Education that utilises new digital tools will be developed systematically.
  • The University is a strong provider of adult education all over Finland.
  • Exports of education services will be systematically developed.

Interaction with the Society

  • The University of Vaasa systematically promotes societal influence by producing up-to-date, high-level research and education.
  • The region's nationally significant competence centre in the energy sector operates on global markets and the University of Vaasa has close interaction with the competence centre in terms of teaching, research and staff mobility.