The University of Vaasa will participate in U-Multiranking in line with the decision made by the University Quality Assurance Committee on  7 May 2013. U-Multiranking is an EU-funded project, in which approximately 700 universities are participating. 15 – 16 Finnish universities and universities of applied sciences are participating in the ranking.

As part the U-Multiranking an electronic survey will be conducted between 11 November and 16 December 2013 targeting students in the business studies field. Request to take part in the survey will be sent by email to 500 (sample) bachelor’s and master’s level students.The first request was submitted on Monday 11th November at about 1 PM with a title "U-Multiranking-kysely/U-Multiranking Questionnaire".

The ranking will be conducted in the following tasks s at university level:

  • Research,
  • Teaching and learning,
  • Knowledge transfer
  • International orientation
  • Regional engagement

U-Multiranking is a multi-task ranking. It does not combine the above tasks into one comprehensive indicator, but instead “ranks” universities separately in each task.  The tasks are not weighted in relation to each other. This means that a “league table,” such as those often seen in the media (e.g. the Shanghai and THE rankings), will not be generated from the universities participating in the ranking. Assessing universities by tasks serves the needs of different user groups. For example, U-Multiranking can be utilised in comparisons with other universities and the development of different collaborative arrangements. It also supports student marketing. The U-Multiranking data will be made public through an interactive online tool.

U-Multiranking is a multi-level ranking. Alongside university-level operations, the ranking will also be conducted at the level of fields in the sciences. The fields in the U-Multiranking change each year. The first (2014) U-Multiranking ranks the following fields:

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Physics
  • Business studies

Computer science is among the fields that will be included in the ranking the following year (2015).

The current ranking will be conducted on the level of the Business studies field (at the University of Vaasa, this means the Faculty of Business Studies and the business studies field at the Faculty of Technology) and business studies programmes. The following Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes are included (Bachelor's Programme = BP, Master's Programme = MP, Master's Degree Programme = MDP):

Faculty of Business Studies:

1) BP in Management and Organisations,
2) BP in Accounting and Finance,
3) BP in International Business,
4) BP in Marketing,
5) BP in Business Law,
6) BP in Economics,
7) MP in Marketing Management,8) MDP in International Business,
9) MP in Human Resource Management,
10) MP in Strategic Management,
11) MP in Accounting and Auditing,
12) MDP in Finance,
13) MP in Managing Growth Companies (Seinäjoki),
14) MP in Strategic Business Law (Seinäjoki),
15) MP in Business Law,
16) MP in Economics

Faculty of Technology:

17) BP in Computer Science and Industrial Management,
18) MP in Industrial Management,
19) MP in Technical Communication,
20) MP in Computer Science