Means of Operations Management

By action- and financial planning is referred to the measures taken by the University of Vaasa in setting guidelines and objectives for its activities, planning and allocating resources to achieve these objectives, steering and monitoring the operations towards the realization of the objectives as well as assessing and reporting the realization of the objectives.

Quality assurance of operations is a part of the assessment and continuous development of the operations of the University of Vaasa. Quality assurance includes the procedures, processes or systems that the University uses to ensure and develop the quality of its operations.

Communication refers to conveying information about the operations and services of the University of Vaasa to the University community, stakeholders and external partners. Communication is an essential part of management and operations management. Portaali is a joint Intranet for the staff and students of the University. Communication to stakeholders and external partners takes place through external web pages.

Essential methods of quality assurance at the University of Vaasa are e.g. inspections (internal audit), feedback systems and external evaluations.