Strategy, Performance and Quality Goals

The goals of the University of Vaasa are divided into following three areas: strategy, performance and quality objectives. The University of Vaasa shall conform to the rules set for its operation either by outside authorities or by the University itself.

The strategy goals are defined in the strategy of the University of Vaasa.

The performance goals are both quantitative and qualitative. The quantitative and qualitative performance objectives are based on the performance agreement between the Ministry of Education and Culture and the University of Vaasa for a period of four years.

The quality goals of an operation or a service can refer e.g. to the response time, the faultlessness, and/or the customer satisfaction of the service.

The norms that apply to the University community are laws, rules and guidelines. The Universities Act is the essential law that steers the activities of a University. The structure, organisation, methods of administration as well as other central principles of management are defined in the University Regulations. The principles that concern the degrees of the University of Vaasa are governed by the Degree Regulations.