Equality is a basic right that ensures the non-discrimination and equal opportunities to all human beings regardless of sex, ethnic origin, language, age, disability, sexual orientation, religion, belief or other personal characteristic.

In an equal studying and working community, everyone has the opportunity to act without discrimination based on sex, gender, gender identity, gender expression or other personal characteristic. Authorities, education providers and employers must have a plan for the necessary measures to promote equality.

The University of Vaasa Equality Plan covers the measures needed to promote gender equality as well as the statutory obligations stated in the Non-discrimination Act. The central goal of the Equality Plan is to reinforce an equality-positive atmosphere and to effectively communicate equality matters to the students and staff of the University of Vaasa.

Contact persons

Labour Protection Manager and Labour Protection Representative

Labour Protection Manager
Elina Kaunismäki
Tel +358 29 449 8072

Labour Protection Representative
Anne-Mari Latva
Tel +358 29449 8054

Equality Representative

Reetta Kungsbacka
Tel +358 29 449 8189

Organization contact persons

Teaching and research staff

Other staff
Johanna Passiniemi
Tel +358 29449 8125

Student Union harassment contact person