Research Platforms

Vaasa Energy Business Innovation Centre (VEBIC)

Vaasa Energy Business Innovation Centre or VEBIC is a new research and innovation platform hosted by the University of Vaasa. It brings together know how from the research and business communities responding to the global needs of efficient energy production, energy business and sustainable societal development. Energy and sustainable development is one new core focus areas of the University of Vaasa. As an open research infrastructure VEBIC has a central role in realizing the new strategy.

Digital Economy

The Digital Economy platform of the University of Vaasa is an open research platform for interdisciplinary research on innovations enabled by new technology as well as their impact on individuals, organisations and society. Possible research objects include AI, machine learning and the impact of digitalisation on ways of working and communicating.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship InnoLab

InnoLab is an open research environment with an emphasis on science, open innovation and user innovation. These are of great importance for research methods and for the birth of innovations within companies and in society at large. They are also focus areas in EU's Horizon 2020 programme and in national research funding. Possible research themes include innovations and their commercialisation, crowdfunding, reforms within the public sector, and user-driven business models.

InnoLab makes use of the multidisciplinary expertise found at the University of Vaasa along with extensive cooperation with businesses, the public sector, and other research institutes and institutes of higher education.