Production - Industrial Management

Educating professionals for business life and research

Industrial Management aims to provide comprehensive teaching and research operations to cover entire production operations and service chains. The aim is to educate multidisciplinary professionals who have the ability to combine technological, commercial and management perspectives in their work.

Studies in production and industrial engineering provide the readiness to undertake challenging work that requires a high level of economic or technological expertise in manufacturing, service and data production. The subject areas utilise industrial and international connections, such as the European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management (ESTIEM) network, in various ways. Industrial Management allows students to specialise in quality control and product development or production control and logistics.

Industrial management studies emphasise real-world problems and making use of opportunities, social interaction and systematic multi-dimensional learning. Teaching takes into account the perspectives of business processes and technological competitiveness in a global context. The studies provide students with the readiness to successfully solve challenges related to the service, product, manufacturing, automation, energy and environmental impacts of networked production operations. There can be many perspectives, from strategy and profitability to influence and quality.