Mathematics and Statistics

Mathematics and Statistics is centrally responsible for teaching and research in mathematics, mathematics in economics and statistics at the University of Vaasa. The department is situated in School of Technology and Innovations, but teaching is carried out throughout all of the university's schools. Mathematics is a strong focus area for School of Technology and Innovations. Mathematics in economics is mainly taught to students in who are studying Technology and Business Studies, while statistics is taught to all students at the University of Vaasa.

There are no main-subject routes for mathematical sciences, but all three subject areas include doctoral students completing either a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) or Doctor of Science (D.Sc. (Econ) programme. The department is responsible for teaching methods in international Master's programmes for subjects in technology and business studies, and it also takes part in Doctorate Degree teaching at the University of Vaasa. Mathematics and Statistics also participates in many national doctoral programmes.

The department has performed well in research assessments. Extensive research collaboration networks regularly bring professors and post-doctorate researchers to Vaasa from abroad. The study of mathematics focuses on the areas of mathematical analysis, algebra and discrete mathematics. The areas of emphasis for the research in mathematical economics are stochastical modelling and analysis. Statistics research focuses on econometric analysis with an emphasis on the finance sector and statistical and empirical modelling of financial markets.