Computer Science

Information and Communication Technology makes modern society possible

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) include many interesting, challenging and fast-growing engineering branches. Today, telecommunications and computers are needed in almost every company's products, production lines and business. Modern society may no longer even operate without information technology and real-time data transfer, they are needed all the time e.g., in electronic payment transactions, the distribution of electricity, product maintenance and product follow-up (allows e.g. recall of hazardous food items etc.), for monitoring and controlling different production processes, as well as the when using Internet or smart phones etc.

It is estimated that nearly half of existing jobs will disappear over the next 20 years due that computers and artificial intelligence will replace them. However, humans must design and program these computer and artificial intelligence based applications. ICT professionals are therefore needed now and in the future.

By training M.Sc. in technology and business studies we seek to fulfill the requirements of the region's businesses. We educate experts who have a grasp of technology, but also understand the technological requirements of company management. This has proven to be successful concept, since the demand for our graduates has remained high for years and the number of incoming students grows each year.

The most significant concentration of energy technology organizations in the Nordic countries is in Vaasa, offering employment to technology experts. The commercial sector and other companies in the capital region also employ ICT graduates, including English-speakers. As the local university in the Ostrobothnian provinces, we conduct collaborative research with many of the region's companies, and also with both national and international research universities.