Department of Marketing

Expertise in creating value for the customer

Marketing lives in the moment, as part of a fast-paced and pluralistic life. Making confident decisions requires the ability to recognise the essential and find creative solutions. The essence of business - the requirements posed by the intersection of supply and demand - must be understood in depth.

In order to reach such an understanding, the department of marketing pays particular attention to consumption, consumer behaviour and customer value creation. These are the key fields of research. All businesses are built on an understanding of their customers.

A comprehensive understanding of business also requires the development of students' knowledge and skills-based preparedness. As an applied science, marketing emphasises creative problem solving, analysis and decision-making abilities as well as linguistic and social preparedness. The creation of new product and service concepts in genuine corporate environments and international training and research collaboration are inspiring arenas for the application of marketing. These are learning environments that often benefit the marketing studies.