Department of Public Management

Educating future leaders in public management

According to one definition, administration refers to the tasks a community undertakes to realise its goals. It requires individuals to cooperate and for that cooperation to be coordinated in organisations and the broader systems they form. That is why the core content of the Public Management discipline, which examines and teaches administration, is formed of topics related to organisations and management.

Public administration differs from the private sector in that the most significant objectives are political decisions, operations are determined by laws and regulations, and it is largely funded by taxes. This gives rise to a special set of circumstances for those in charge of public organisations. Public sector managers are accountable to citizens and public representatives for realising goals, using resources responsibly, and ensuring that honesty, integrity and equality remain uncompromised.

This challenge can be successfully taken on by an individual who can do the right things based on his or her education and experience. This is our area of expertise at the Department of Public Management. We help the public sector managers of the future start their careers with academic teaching and guidance founded on solid research.

Scientific research

In Public Management, core research areas are 1) management and leadership, 2) public-private comparisons and 3) public sector ethics. In university level, the scientific research of Public Management is arranged to the research group called Public policy and organizations.