Department of Public Law

Become a special expert of administrative law

A constitutional state functions based on laws determined through democratic processes and respects the basic and human rights of all people. This is a self-evident starting point for all public sector operations. Therefore, public sector operations and management require juridical expertise. These issues form the basis of the way the discipline of public law is taught: juridical expertise is combined with the other administrative sciences, which provide key expertise for public sector operations. This comprehensive package is modern and sets us apart from students of purely jurisprudential degrees: we are interested in the norms related to public operations and the reality, which they concern. We educate experts and leaders to have a strong grasp of the substance of their fields so they are able to take the legislation in their field, especially related to basic and human rights, into account in their daily administrative work.

We are interested in public economy and law, which may include the world of public acquisitions and the challenging realm of privatization. Also welfare law is strongly present in our education and research, especially social and educational rights. In addition, international agreements and the EU-legislative regulations that bind Finland are included in the courses.

In research projects our public law team operates in conjunction with the Public policy and organizations research group. We research questions related to participation rights and juridical questions broadly related to welfare policy. Along with legal research we are interested in multidisciplinary sciences and comparative legal studies.