Finance is about analysing financial data and utilising it in management and decision-making. As a subject and research discipline, Finance can be split to Corporate Finance and Investments. In Corporate Finance, the topic is explored from the perspective of a company, for example what types of investments a company should do and where and how to acquire finance for these investments. In Investments, the topic is examined from the perspective of an investor; whether to invest in a company or whether to give it a loan.

In this regard, the division between Finance and Investments is not strict; it is more like two sides of the same coin. One does not exist without the other. Therefore, the theories and methods of analysis are more or less the same in both, although both do have their own focus areas.

Finance is essential in the guidance and decision-making of investors and in the external stakeholder communications of companies. Expertise in finance and financial markets is required by business managers, directors of finance, analysts, investors, and many other professionals in various decision-making and management scenarios.

Studies in Finance provide students versatile and modern skills to work in demanding expert and managerial positions in the international corporate and investment world. Typical professional titles include director of finance, chief investment officer, portfolio manager, and analyst. Studies in Finance additionally provide an excellent foundation for other positions requiring numerical skills and in-depth understanding of cause and effect relationships. In addition to theory, studies in Finance place an emphasis on developing skills needed in working life.

Research and teaching in finance and financial markets have long traditions at the University of Vaasa, and today “Finance and economic decision-making” is one of the three strategic focus areas of the University. The facilities of Finance are located in the main building of the University, Tervahovi, on the ocean-side end of the building on the third floor. Four professors, two university lecturers, three assistant professors and several researchers and doctoral students are specialised in finance in our School.