Continuing Education

University-level education

The Levón Institute offers supplementary training at the University of Vaasa. Our training programmes emphasise innovation and customer orientation. We actively follow current trends in professional life and continuously develop new training products and methods to fulfil changing needs. Over 6,000 students choose to study at the Levón Institute every year.

Supplementary training in both the private and public sectors

We offer supplementary training to mature students employed in both the private and public sectors. The programmes are taught by teachers at the University of Vaasa and visiting experts. In addition, many of the programmes utilise learning process councillors, who accompany students throughout their time at the University. Participants come from diverse backgrounds and bring a wide range of different experiences, creating a unique foundation for rewarding discussions and exchanges.

Our programmes focus on the following:

  • Management and supervisor training (companies and public administration)
  • Organisation-specific training and development processes
  • Development of entrepreneurship and SMEs
  • Special programmes for different expert groups
  • Multilingualism and language immersion training

Acceptance criteria and application methods vary depending on the programme.

Open University

The Open University offers university-level teaching for anyone interested in studying regardless of educational background, age or status. The objectives, content and requirements of Open University teaching are the same as for students undertaking degree programmes.

Find out more about the studies on offer at the Open University.