Levón Institute

The Levón Institute is an affiliated institution at the University of Vaasa, which transmits the University's knowhow by teaching mature students and productises expertise generated by research conducted at the University. We focus on making an impact and generating innovative solutions in our research.

Teaching, research and development according to the client's needs

We implement training, research and development projects and organise open university studies. Training, research and development reinforce one another in our operations and make up a comprehensive package that matches the client's needs.

We focus on natural combinations of training and development, emphasising the significance of acquiring researched information and applying it in practise.

Regional, national and international cooperation

We collaborate with the Vaasa University of Applied Sciences to provide education for mature students, supplementary teaching services, service research and the productisation, marketing and management of organisational and regional development projects.

The Institute is nationally renowned in its areas of specialisation. National training and research programmes are continuously in operation. The Open University studies offered by the Institute are available nationally via partner institutions, online and using learning technology solutions.

Many international projects are carried out each year in partnership with national and European partners in the fields of energy technology, business expertise and entrepreneurship, multilingualism and regional development.

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