In cooperation with other academic units, The Language Centre plans language studies and is responsible for teaching the compulsory mother tongue, second domestic language and foreign language courses for students of all the degree programs of the University of Vaasa.

The University of Vaasa offers excellent opportunities for language learning. The Language Centre provides language teaching in Finnish, Swedish, English, German, Russian, French and Spanish. The partners of the Open University of Vaasa University and the Summer University of Vaasa can also offer courses in Arabic, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Portuguese.

The objective of the Language Centre is to offer students diverse and functional language skills that includes language and communication skills related to their own field. In accordance with the university's strategy, improving students' readiness for internationalization, is the core function of the language centre and is a focus area in all teaching. The aim is so-called " genuine multilingualism”, taking into account both domestic languages and, in particular, several foreign languages. Diverse language and communication skills are a central part of professional competence and presents a competitive edge in the labour market. The Language Centre's teaching develops the student's specialization skills in different languages ​​and includes, in addition to the language skills, cultural knowledge of the area where the target languages are spoken.

Through different choices, students have the opportunity to include studies that strengthen language skills, cultural knowledge and awareness as well as professional language communication in their degree. In addition to compulsory language studies, students may collect 25 ECTS credits from language studies. The language minor encompasses one or several languages.

Updated 29/08/19 - Pohjoismaiset kielet