Department of Social and Health Management

A scholar of social and health management - a pioneer of the welfare sectors

Finland's welfare services and the systems and organisations that maintain them have been undergoing significant changes for decades. Currently those changes are even more wide-ranging and fast paced. Reforms are targeted at issues and phenomena that we tend to consider complex and fiendish. They are related to structures, organisations and operational methods.

Responding to changes requires seamless cooperation between decision-makers, management, employees and citizens. In order to reach this goal the individuals working in the field and leading organisations in the industry must have the knowledge and skill-set to help them through the demands of professional life.

Teaching and research in social and health administration takes the demanding nature of the sector into account. That is why our teaching is based on key trends where central roles are played by individual participation and the ability to solve complex welfare problems.

We aim to educate brave and enthusiastic leaders, professionals and developers in a way that allows them to take on the diverse work of the social and healthcare sector.

Pirkko Vartiainen
Professor, Head of Department