Department of Economics and Business Law

Our Economics and Business Law department offers two independent subjects: business law and economics. Nonetheless, we collaborate closely within the department and with other departments in the Faculty of Business Studies.

Business Law

Business Law covers the research and study of the legal questions involved in businesses. As professors and researchers of the subject, we aim to discover new and innovative ways in which jurisprudence can help in business development, problem solving and risk management. This requires knowledge of business law. If you have the required knowledge or skills or if you wish to study towards them, you may be the next member of our team.


Economics is an interesting and highly informative subject. It helps us formulate a comprehensive picture of our economy and the environment, in which businesses operate. Economics is the leading theoretical discipline in business studies. It is also the only business studies discipline that receives a Nobel award. The purpose of economics studies is to understand economies, and the laws of economics can be understood with only a basic knowledge of mathematics.

Hannu Piekkola
Head of the department