Organisation of the Faculty

The Dean is the leader of the faculty and is responsible for developing operations and generating results. The Dean is also the Vice Rector of the university and is a part of the university's management team. The Dean's position is a full-time position and the Dean is appointed for two year period. Deans are appointed by the Rector of the university.

The Faculty Administration is responsible for making and implementing decisions in the faculty. The Faculty Administration consists of the Dean, the Vice Dean, the Administrative Director and the Administrative Secretary.

The Faculty Council is a representative decision-making body, which makes decisions on significant issues concerning the faculty's operations. The Faculty Council consists of professors, other staff and student representatives. The chair of the Faculty Council is the Dean and official records are kept by the Administrative Secretary. The council is assisted in its preparations by the administrative director, study director, coordinator and amanuenses.

The Faculty Management supports the Dean in leading and developing the faculty. The management team is formed by the faculty administration, unit managers and the faculty representatives on the university's board. The Dean is the chair of the management team and the secretary is the Administrative Secretary. Preparations are taken care of by the Administrative Director and Secretary.

The research development group, led by the Dean, is responsible for monitoring and improving the quality of the faculty's research operations. The research management group consists of the Dean as the chair, the directors of the strategic research groups and the administrative secretary (secretary).

The teaching development group is a group that holds discussions related to monitoring and improving the quality of teaching in the faculty. Separate development groups led by the Dean are assigned for Bachelor's and Master's level teaching. In addition to the Dean, the development group is formed by representatives from the teaching programmes, with secretary duties carried out by the study director.