1966 - The Council of State makes a decision to establish a School of Economics and Business Administration in Vaasa.
1968 - The first students of the Vaasa School of Economics and Business Administration arrive in September to Raastuvankatu and study in the annex of the Commercial School.
The school awards lower university degrees, but it is not possible to pursue higher university degrees or Doctoral Degrees. Tryggve Saxén acts as Rector.
1970 - The right to award higher university degrees and the possibility to obtain the title of Doctor of Business Economics. Mauri Palomäki enters the office of Rector.
1971 - First graduates in Business Administration and Correspondence
1973 - First Master degrees
1975 - The first Licentiate and Doctor graduate.
1980 - The school is renamed as Vaasan korkeakoulu, when education in Humanities begins. Education in Social Sciences also begins in the early 1980's.
1987 - Ilkka Virtanen enters the office of Rector.
1988 -
The first Conferment.
The first students move to premises located in Palosaari.
The programme of studies in the Industrial Economics begins.
1990 - The first students of Technology start (in cooperation with Helsinki University of Technology).
1991 - The University of Vaasa is founded.
1994 - The University moves to new premises located in Palosaari.
Ari Salminen enters the office of Rector.
1996 - The Technology Research Centre, Technobothnia begins operating in the weaving hall of the cotton mill.
1998 -
The second Conferment.
Matti Jakobsson enters the office of Rector.
2001 - The Tritonia Academic Library is completed.
2004 - The right to award Master’s Degrees in Technology
2006 - The third Conferment of Doctoral Degrees
2010 - The University of Vaasa begins operations in accordance with the new Universities’ Act.
2011 - The fourth Conferment of Doctoral Degrees
2015 -

Suvi Ronkainen enters the office of Rector.

2017 - Jari Kuusisto enters the office of Rector.
2018 - The fifth Conferment of Doctoral Degrees