Wolffintie 34
Main Building

  • Faculty of Business Studies
  • Computer Centre
  • Auditoria Levón, Wolff, Kurten, Palomäki Hall
  • Restaurant Mathilda (Juvenes)
  • Subject Association Warrantti

Wolffintie 34

  • University Services
    • International Office
    • Academic Affairs
    • Facility Services
  • Open University
  • Levón Institute
  • Helpdesk

Yliopistonranta 7

  • The Academic Library of Vaasa
  • EduLab
  • Café Oskar (Juvenes)
  • Auditorium Nissi

Puuvillakuja 6

  • University Services
    • Personnel Services
    • Accounting Services
    • Research and Innovation Services

Puuvillakuja 8

  • Rector's Office
  • University Services
    • Registrar's Office
    • Personnel Planning
    • Legal Counsel
    • Planning and Financing
    • Research and Innovation Services
    • Communications and Publications
    • General Administration

Puuvillakuja 3

  • Research and Teaching Laboratories of Technology
  • Subject Associations

Yliopistonranta 10

  • Faculty of Philosophy
  • Faculty of Technology
  • Language Centre
  • Restaurant Erkki (Juvenes)

Domus Bothnica
Yliopistonranta 5

  • Student Union of the University of Vaasa
  • Student Union's Office

Wolffintie 36 F 11, 4th floor

  • Western Finland Design Centre Muova


The University parking areas are marked with traffic signs. Please note that some of the parking areas are reserved for the university staff. In other parking areas pay attention to traffic signs.

At the campus area vehicles must carry valid stickers. A temporary parking permit can be obtained at the information desk in the Tervahovi building or through your host. Incorrectly parked vehicles will be fined.