oleskelutila.jpg After a seminar or a training day, you can unwind in the sauna facilities of the university. The sauna is located on the ground floor of the Konttori building with the entrance from the back garden of the building. The sauna also has a beautiful sea view.
kokoustila.jpg The sauna facilities include a pleasant sitting area, a well-equipped kitchen and a meeting room for approximately 20 persons. The meeting room is equipped with a video canon, a stereo, an overhead projector, a projector screen and a flap board. TV broadcasts can be viewed through the video canon. In the foyer there is plenty of room for hanging coats and in the corridors there are long serving tables.

The sauna itself is spacious and has a sea view. The vapor room has seating places for larger groups and there are three showers.

The sauna facilities can be rented through the University Facilities unit. At the address tilat(at) you can make inquiries regarding reservation and prices. The sauna facilities are not rented to students.