Restaurant Services


There are several restaurants and cafés on the campus area which offer their services to students, staff as well as visitors. Fazer Amica runs the campus area restaurants and at request restaurant services can be arranged in all of the university premises in connection to meetings.

Restaurant Mathilda

The student restaurant Mathilda located in the Tervahovi building has a large variety of lunch dishes as well as café products. The restaurant has approximately 350 seats.

Restaurant Buffetti

The Buffetti restaurant is located on the ground floor of the Fabriikki building. The restaurant which was refurbished in 2008 seats 125 guests.

Café Oskar

Café Oskar is an idyllic meeting place in the lobby of the Tritonia Academic Library. The café seats 60 persons and also offers the library’s newspapers for reading.

All the restaurants on the campus area

Further information:

Restaurant Foreman Tomi Pesonen
Tel +358 40 526 1046
Email: mathilda(at)

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