Levón Auditorium (500 seats)


The university’s largest auditorium is the Levón auditorium with 500 seats which is located in Tervahovi. The auditorium is named after the founder of the Vaasa Cotton Mill, August Alexander Levón (1820-1875). The university partially operates in the facilities of this old cotton mill.

Standard equipment

  • AV system
  • PC with internet connection
  • Wireless network
  • Data-/video canon
  • Terminal for a portable computer for displaying presentations through the auditorium’s system
  • Remote control for PowerPoint presentations with a laser pointer
  • Fixed and wireless microphones
  • Two overhead projectors
  • S-VHS-video recorder
  • Grand piano

Equipment available at request

  • Interpretation and headphones (200 sets)
  • Slide projector (carousel /stack loading)