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Peter Gabrielsson

Professori, kansainvälinen liiketoiminta, erityisesti kansainv
+358 29 449 8434
Wolffintie 34, 65200 Vaasa
Tervahovi B312


Global Marketing Management

Export marketing

Master's and doctoral thesis supervision


Global marketing strategies, entrepreneurial marketing and their management during globalization

Internationalization / globalization of firms, born globals and globalising internationals.

International entrepreneurship and international new ventures


Director of International New Ventures in the health industry: Growth and decision-making research project, part of Tekes (the Finnish Fundings Agency for Technology and Innovation): Project in co-operation with University of Vaasa and University of Eastern Finland. Total budget of 360 000 euros, (2017-2019).

Director of Born Globals: Growth stages and survival research project, part of Tekes, Liito program: Project in co-operation with University of Vaasa and Aalto University. Total budget of around one million Euros, (2009-2011).

Director of Glomark (Globalization and marketing strategy) research project: Project in co-operation with University of Vaasa, Aalto University and Eastern University of Finland, (2007-2016).

New project is starting in the area of International New Venturesand Born GlobalsInterested doctorate student candidates are asked to be in contact with prof. Peter Gabrielsson.


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